General Manager Speech
Company Overview
Business philosophy

    1997  Pu, general manager of Kunshan Hongwei start a business in
    May 1997 Kunshan Purong Essences Mfg.CO.,LTDRegistration set
    August 1997 Kunshan justice factory production, chemical production of natural spices started
    1998   Synthesis of Linalyl developed and began selling
    2001   Zhou City, Factory built, just close the factory, the office moved from the factory in Kunshan city
    2002   Linalool oxide synthesis developed and began selling
    2003年  The successful development of synthetic pyrethroid mother, began selling
    2004   Kosher Certified by U.S.
    2005   Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. Kunshan phlong register set up
    2008   Jinxi County, Jiangxi Xin Yun Industrial Co., Ltd. registered the establishment of spices
    2008   Kunsha Purong And the Kunshan phlong trading turnover reached 80 million yuan
    2010   Jinxi County, Jiangxi Xin Yun Industrial Co., Ltd. spice production
    2010   Kunshan Kunshan phlong drift Yun trading company with turnover of 1 billion yuan

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